Tammy Ying (she/her) is a queer Asian-American singer-songwriter, music educator and speaker based in NYC. Born and raised in Singapore, she moved to Boston at the age of 19 for college, and graduated Summa cum Laude in August 2013 armed with a Bachelor's of Music degree from Berklee College of Music. Since then, she has been, composing, performing and teaching music all over the US and in parts of Asia.


In the music arena, Tammy strives to capture the emotions of those around here, and channel it into relatable music through her own voice. Just like how our lives never stop changing, Tammy's music is constantly evolving. Her mission, though, remains constant - to give everyone the opportunity to experience the joy of music, be it through listening to her music, or via learning an instrument.  As a speaker, she a strong advocate of the importance of music education.


Tammy is the Founder of The Music Box NY, a small music school based in Manhattan near Lincoln Square. To date, her school serves over 100 students all across America. Teaching is one of her passions, and she believes that every child deserves the life-changing opportunity to learn music in a fun and enjoyable way.


During the COVID19 pandemic, Tammy also started training fellow music teachers on how to teach music effectively online. She has helped dozens of teachers across the globe launch their online teaching careers, by training them on how to use and integrate online platforms and equipment such as Zoom, Manycam, Garageband to effectively conduct lessons virtually.

Tammy hopes this her music will inspire others to pursue their dreams and passion, just as she strives to do the same.


Some musical venues she has performed at:


• The Esplanade

• Hard Rock Cafe

Hong Kong

• Hong Kong Arts Centre


• Pianos (NYC)

• Rockwood Music Hall (NYC)

• The Bitter End (NYC)

• Sid Gold's Request Room (NYC)

• Berklee Performance Center (Boston)

• Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Virginia)

• Club Nokia (LA)

• The Crystal Ballroom (Portland)

• Mandalay Bay Beach (Las Vegas)


Tammy's music is available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud under her name, "Tammy Ying".